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I am humbled by the many local, state and regional organizations that have allowed me to deliver training sessions. I find it intrinsically satisfying to educate others regarding personal challenges, experiences and knowledge to help others grow. Through excellent mentors, coaches and colleagues, I strive to create dynamic and entertaining presentations while “hitting home” the objectives of them.

As with all public and private sector agencies that have a focus on safety, security, emergency management, hazardous materials and leadership, ensuring that our responders keep a situational awareness on their tasks will ensure that each of them will go home after their shifts. I hope the resources and topics on this website are of value to you. Feel free to reach out and let’s chat about how we can partner together to create cutting edge training opportunities.

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Short Biography

Adam is devoted to Public Safety and the preservation of human life.  He currently is an Environmental Risk Consultant; Office of General Counsel  for a healthcare system in Northern California. His emergency management career includes international program development and supervision of emergency response coordinators throughout the United States and Canada. He specializes in building safety and emergency management training and exercise programs for public and private sector companies.

For fifteen years Adam worked at the Somerset Police Department. During his tenure, Adam held the positions of Field Training Officer (FTO), Evidence Technician, Hostage/Crisis Negotiator and Deputy Emergency Manager. He provided a legacy by building the school district’s Police School Liaison program of which he held the position for six years and is still in existence today.

Law Enforcement is just one facet of his devotion to safety. His EMS roles include being a Nationally Registered EMT since 1998; current serving with St. Croix EMS & Rescue (Wisconsin) for over fifteen years. He participates in rescue operations including Swiftwater, Rescue/Recovery Diving, and others. Adam has taken the lead in numerous grant writing endeavors and donation requests with an aggregate total over $1,000,000 for both EMS and Law Enforcement.

"I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to pass along my knowledge to others through the invitations to present at conferences around the nation."

Adam is the owner of Safety University™: a safety consulting and training company that specializes in safety management, consulting, training, and on-site incident response.

With the support of the Somerset Police Department and St. Croix EMS and Rescue, Adam has testified in front of State Legislatures to change several statutes that aid in making the Public Safety sector safer for all.

Adam is currently pursuing a PhD in Emergency Management and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, a Master of Arts degree in Police Leadership, Education and Administration and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Emergency Management. He is a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM®) thorugh the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) through ASIS International, Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP) from FEMA and has held adjunct instructor status at several colleges.

Adam Wojciehowski - Phillipines
Adam Wojciehoski - EMS Shift
Adam Wojciehowsi - First Solo Flight
Adam Wojcehowski - Jupiter FL Dive


Adam has led international teams in safety, security and emergency management covering all of North America.


He strives to ensure all his presentations and consultations are realistically actionable for all safety professionals; regardless of level.


Adam has vast experience in law enforcement, EMS, emergency management, safety, hazardous materials and many more areas.


Adam provides consulting services to clients throughout the United States and Canada in various public safety and healthcare areas